Things to know about adjustable beds

Experts agree that quality sleep is essential to overall health and wellness. Numerous studies reveal that Americans aren’t getting the required seven to nine hours of sleep each night, as medical professionals recommend. There are ways to improve your sleeping environment. The best and most effective way is to purchase a new adjustable sleep bed.

Adjustable beds can be found in consumer models. These are the same models used by hospitals and healthcare facilities for decades to provide comfort, support, and healing sleep to patients. Adjustable beds have become more popular and are now readily available. An adjustable bed can promote better circulation, lower back pain, better breathing, better digestion, and reduce acid reflux. You should be aware of some factors before purchasing an adjustable bed. Here are five important facts about adjustable beds.

1. These can be used with virtually any modern mattress

Adjustable beds look similar to standard beds in that they only have two main components: an adjustable base that takes the place of a solid foundation, and a cushion. A separate box spring is not required for adjustable beds. Most popular mattresses today can be used on an adjustable base. But, some models are better suited for adjustment.

The memory foam mattress works well with the adjustable bed frames. Foam mattresses are very flexible and offer support and comfort. Most innerspring mattresses are too stiff for adjustable bases. However, hybrid mattresses with an innerspring layer and a thick foam layer can be used as adjustable beds.

2. They can also help with chronic back pain

Back pain is one of the main reasons you should consider an adjustable mattress. Adjustable beds are a great way to relieve pressure and reduce pain. The “zero gravity positioning” (also called the “zero gravity sleep position”) allows for less compression of the spine and joints. Most adjustable beds can be raised and lowered separately. Some adjustable bed models also allow for lumbar adjustment. Adjustable beds may also help relieve pain in your neck and shoulders.

3. They also help reduce snoring

Snoring is one of the most common sleep disorders that affect adults. Around 30 to 40% of adult snorers have reported having problems with their breathing. Snoring may also indicate a more serious disorder called sleep apnea. The condition is where the sleeper stops breathing at night. Sleep apnea has been found to increase the risk of hypertension as well as strokes and heart attacks in people who snore.

An adjustable bed can reduce snoring and sleep-disordered breathing by positioning the head and neck correctly to allow air to flow more freely through the throat, nasal passages, and throat. An adjustable bed can help reduce the pressure in your throat and alleviate blockages within the airways. This helps reduce snoring as well as sleep apnea. An adjustable bed can also make it easier for you to use corrective devices, which are often prescribed to treat excessive snoring.

Buying an adjustable bed can be a bit confusing. There are a lot of different types and brands to choose from, and it can be hard to know what is the best mattress for the money needed. To make things easier, we have put together a list of the things you need to know about adjustable beds before making your decision.

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