Learning vs. Education: All You Need To Know

Learning and education must sound similar words that have the same significance to lighten humans’ wisdom. However, there is a significant difference between them. In simple language, learning is something that is automatic. We observe things and learn something new through experience from day-to-day life or certain things in life. Learning can be intentional or unintentional, conscious or unconscious. It can be from the best decision or the worst decision. 

At the same time, education refers to the overall development of ability, attitude, and other changes. Education can be learned at a certain age, or for some people, and it may take life long. People can enroll in the course they like with the help of admission management software to educate themselves at home.

In this article, we will discuss the fundamental difference between both learning and education. Let’s first discuss both the term with their aim.

Learning V/S Education

Learning is a long-term change in behavior due to experience or practice. Learning can come from experience and helps the individual adjust according to the surrounding environment and can learn from any person in any situation, just like the shift towards online education and enrollment through admission management software during the pandemic.

Features – 

  1. It involves some experience.
  2. It happens automatically without any additional effort
  3. The result can be seen in a short period


Education is well designed and organized process that helps in the overall growth & development of students to the maximum extent. It helps in the growth of students in the area who are more related to their interests like it can help to achieve goals and overall personality growth.

Features – 

  • It helps the individual to adapt to the different ways of development in the area of physical, social as well as environment. 
  • It increases the self-confidence and overall growth of the individuals

Difference Between Learning And Education  

  1. Learning is experience or practice that helps change individual behavior through experience and training. At the same time, education is a systematic process of gaining knowledge and developing the essential skill of reasoning and judgment and preparing an individual to deal with different circumstances and to have an overall growth individual and matured as well as mannered life.
  2. Learning is quite basic. You don’t have to prepare your mind or do things to concentrate on the learning. For example – you learn mimicry from the TV, so you didn’t do it purposefully, or no one guided you for it. In education, you should clearly know what you will learn by properly enrolling in the courses and following regular classes.
  3. Learning can occur with or without the presence of an educator or teacher, whereas in education, you need to have an instructor or educator.
  4. Talking about education, it can be achieved by the proper guidance planned, formally designed curriculum, and in the presence of an educator. Whereas for learning, you must possess a keen interest in certain things and learn them properly.
  5. Learning and growing is life long process. You can learn anything at any age. Like you can learn to explore your language, cook foods another thing even in the age of 90, my grandfather learning how to operate the cell phone. At the same time, education is quoted limited, and if you start from a very early stage up to 35 years, you can achieve various degrees, including research, Ph.D., and many more. Even education is available for everyone, and they can enroll and pay the fee for it with the help of a fee management system online and learn whatever they want quickly.


Learning is a process that plays a crucial role in shaping an individual’s behavior. Education helps the individual’s overall development and allows them to become an all-rounder.

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