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Is Social Media the Solution to Bad Customer Service?

A recent survey found that ninety percent of shoppers would refrain from doing business with a company after receiving poor customer service via social media. This is because social content can go viral, turning a minor issue into a PR disaster. What’s more, many popular social platforms are home to industry regulatory bodies. Disgruntled customers frequently tag these organizations in posts, creating additional risks for businesses in highly regulated industries.

A good press releases help with media connections should be short, sweet, and informative. Read on to see what makes a good press release.

One way to prevent customer service from going down the social media road is to avoid over-sharing. If a company is using social media for customer service, make sure the content is relevant to the customer’s needs. Avoid sarcasm and make it as simple as possible. Use emojis and GIFs to convey your personality without being too personal. The best way to handle customer complaints is to be honest and polite.

Social media users expect information delivered quickly. However, the average response time in some industries is over ten hours. This means that customer service reps need to know how to prioritize messages according to urgency. Tools can help them respond quickly to customer queries. You should always remember that your primary focus should be on the customer in question. If you have any other issues, you should take them off of social media as soon as possible.

When it comes to social media and customer service, a company should make sure that they implement a social media customer support plan. The goal is to delight customers and improve their experience. By providing fast responses, the company can turn a negative experience into an opportunity for customer delight. If a customer experiences a bad experience through social media, the customer support team can turn it into an opportunity for delight.

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