How Can I Get My W-2?

If you haven’t received your Form W-2 yet, you can still get it through the mail by following a few simple steps. Companies are required by law to send these forms by Jan. 31 and employers have until Feb. 14 to mail them out. Usually, they will be sent by the end of the month. But in some cases, employers may not send them out in time. Luckily, there are ways to get a copy of your paystubs that doesn’t cost you anything.

Substitute for Form W-2

If you have missed filing your Form W-2, the information on lines 8a-8j of your paystubs may be a substitute for the information on Form W-2. This information may be included on an annual summary of your paystubs or in aggregated paystubs. However, you cannot rely on these sources as your records may be inaccurate. If you don’t have access to the information, you can use an estimate to determine what you need to file.

If you missed the deadline for filing your Form W-2, you can submit a new one. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) revised Form 4852, which is the substitute for missing or incorrect Form W-2. While the form looks similar to the original Form W-2, it includes two paragraphs at the top. If you don’t have an original Form W-2, you can request your employer to correct any information that is incorrect.

Requirements for obtaining a copy of your W-2

If you have missed the deadline to request a copy of your W-2, don’t despair. You can easily get an electronic copy of your W-2 by enrolling in the free W-2 Early Access program from H&R Block. This program allows you to obtain a copy of your W-2 electronically and pick it up at the nearest H&R Block office. You can also opt out of the mailed version by using a function.

To submit your W-2 and 1099 online, you can send a compressed file. Once the data file is received, you will receive an e-mail containing a summary of the data you submitted. If you have already received your W-2 in electronic format, you can upload a copy of it into the Delaware Taxpayer Portal in CSV or Excel format. If you’re an employer, you can even file your w2 generator online in PDF format.

Common mistakes on a W-2

The deadline for completing W-2 forms is fast approaching, and now is the perfect time to fix any errors. The first thing to do is to report any errors right away, so that you can avoid penalties and fines. The most common mistakes on a W-2 are due to incorrect formatting. You should never use colored ink on a W-2 form, and you must use only black ink. You should also never add dollar signs to monetary amounts or use an incorrect font size. Finally, you must be sure that the font size does not go outside the field boundaries.

If you notice any errors on your Form W-2, you should make a correction before filing with the SSA. You can do this by filling out a correction form (W-2c) and totaling the corrections on that form. Depending on the error, the IRS can impose penalties on you. You may also be required to correct a tax identification number (EIN) if your Form W-2 is missing it. Otherwise, you may have to face an additional penalty of $270 per Form W-2.

Online options for getting a copy of your W-2

There are many ways to get a copy of your W-2, but you might be wondering how to file your taxes electronically. Fortunately, the IRS has made it easier to file electronically by offering a variety of online options for getting a copy of your Form W-2. You can either mail the form to the IRS or download it and fill it out yourself. These options are great for people who need to file their taxes electronically, but you should still make sure to get your W-2 as soon as possible.


If you cannot locate your W-2, the first step is to contact your previous employer. While contacting your former employer will take a little longer, this route is usually more reliable and less hassle-free. Obtaining a copy of your W-2 can also help you start preparing your taxes for the prior year. If you do lose your W-2, you can still get a copy from the IRS.

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