Does Boutique Wholesale Vendors Makes a Lot of Money at FondMart?

Do boutique wholesale vendors make money at FondMart? In this article, I will discuss the purchase price, product richness, and one-on-one-sales support of this wholesale marketplace. You will also learn about the success rate of FondMart boutique wholesale vendors. Do they really make a lot of money at FondMart? You will be surprised! Hopefully, this article will help you make a decision on whether or not to sell your products at FondMart.

FondMart success rate with boutique wholesale vendors

While FondMart is a global wholesale platform, its most notable benefit to boutique wholesale vendors is its private-label services. These services enable small businesses to sell name brand clothes under their own label. Through a partnership with Shopify, these vendors can connect their online store with FondMart for wholesale fulfillment. These businesses are not required to pay monthly fees; they only pay for products, shipping costs, and customizations.

In four years of operation, 76% of brands that cooperated with FondMart have increased their sales and revenue. Of those, 35% of brands have increased their sales by more than 100%. One of our successful customers reached sales of $50,000 per month within four years and increased their sales to $330,000 per month. They also increased their staff from three to fourteen people, and their product assortment from 500 to 2,000 products. Another successful customer, an American brand, has maintained a monthly growth rate of 10%.

Its purchase price

When it comes to making a profit from boutique sales, you can’t beat the prices offered at FondMart. They offer wholesale prices on women’s and plus-size clothing, including special occasion wear, at affordable prices. The best part about selling these items is that they often come from ex-chain suppliers. These items are often well-labeled, in good condition, and are sold at a fraction of their original price. This makes them easy to sell and can generate large profits.

Many of the brands that sell at FondMart have been working with the company for three or five years. One brand reached sales of $50K a month in four years, and their staff increased from three to fourteen. Another brand increased from 500 to 2,000 products per month and kept a 10% growth rate in four years. These success stories show that Boutique wholesale vendors make a lot of money at FondMart.

Its product richness

The wealth of products available on FondMart allows boutique wholesale vendors to sell more of them. The site has more than 5,000 suppliers and 15,000 designers, so there is an endless selection to choose from. Plus, the product line grows every day, so you can avoid the need to constantly replenish your stock. This saves you time and money and keeps you from wasting your valuable space.

The international fashion industry is booming, and this is one of the reasons why boutique wholesale vendors make so much money at FondMart. In addition to offering an abundance of products, FondMart has blogs and has an easy to use website. There are several ways to maximize your profits. Boutique vendors can start a blog on the site, create a product line, and make sales through the site.

Its one-on-one-sales support

If you’re looking to purchase wholesale clothing, FondMart is your best option. Its database of 500,000 items is constantly being updated with new products from over 5,000 suppliers. The online wholesale marketplace offers no minimum purchase amounts and one-on-one-sales support. The website also provides helpful tips on product pricing and ranges. Its powerful data analysis team also helps you avoid transaction “black holes.”


FondMart is a powerful online wholesale platform that integrates seamlessly with Shopify. Its Auto-Sync service automates inventory management and order fulfillment by synchronizing products, shipping information, and more. With its integrated payment processing, members can choose the most convenient payment option and keep track of the cost. Besides that, it’s available in more than 180 countries and offers a variety of payment methods.

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