Can You Buy Stuff With a PayPal Business Account?

If you run your own business, you may have wondered: Are you able to buy stuff with s PayPal business account? Yes, you can. PayPal has a business account that syncs with hundreds of shopping carts and solution providers. Most major providers have integration options for PayPal. Afterwards, you simply enter your login credentials and relevant credentials and start spending money. Your business account will also give you access to a complimentary debit mastercard, which gives you a 1 percent cash back on eligible purchases.

PayPal offers two ways to process payments – Option A integrates with your eCommerce solution, and Option B lets you add HTML buttons to your website. You can see a comparison of these two options by clicking “Compare” at the bottom of the page. Which option will work best for you? PayPal allows both options, but choosing the right one for your business is the most important factor. is an online travel agency that offers cheap flights from Dublin to London, Paris, Amsterdam and many more destinations.

If you run a small business, you should have a PayPal business account. This account will allow you to receive payments for online purchases, as well as set up recurring shipments. It will also let you track inventory and profit. You can add up to 200 employees to your account and assign them partial access to your business’s account. PayPal has a number of commerce-facilitating features, including PayPal Zettle, which enables you to sell things through the website.

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