Badminton – A Fast Growing Sport

With increased interest from both the amateur and professional players, badminton has become one of the fastest growing sports. It has grown from being an amateur sport to a professional sport with its own calendar of exciting tournaments and a thriving band of top international players. The game is also one of the best forms of exercise, thanks to its combination of cardio and strength training. Moreover, it also serves as an excellent form of entertainment, with its fast pace and great fitness benefits.

The shuttlecock must be lifted to a spot above the net, known as the side-by-side position. Players should try to hit the shuttlecock upwards when their opponent is below the net. This technique is called a lift, and is used by many players. It is also used to hit the shuttlecock to the opponent’s back court. Besides, players can hit the shuttlecock upwards from any part of the court if they are not able to execute a lift. However, this technique makes it difficult to recover from smashes and is not recommended in badminton.

During badminton matches, players play up to 21 points. Each player gets a serve from each other, and the player who wins a point takes the next serve. When scores are even, the right service box is used. Badminton players wear shoes that are lightweight and made of non-marking materials. If they are playing with a partner, badminton shoes are a great choice. For the most part, badminton shoes have non-marking rubber soles.

Badminton has also reached the Olympics, starting with the Barcelona 1992 Summer Olympics. There are now five disciplines in badminton at the Games, and mixed doubles was introduced at Atlanta 1996. In its first Olympics, Indonesia won both singles and doubles gold. Since then, China has become a dominating force with 18 gold medals and seven silvers. It has also become an increasingly popular sport, with more than 200 million people worldwide watching it.

Badminton is a racquet sport played with shuttlecocks. The object of the game is to hit the shuttlecock over the net and into your opponent’s court to score points. The shuttlecock may only be struck once before passing over the net, so a strike on the shuttlecock will end the rally. A player must win a game by scoring 21 points. A match consists of best-of-three games.

The court is rectangular and divided into two halves by a net. Doubles and singles play on the same court, with the doubles sideline being slightly wider. Badminton courts have a net height of five feet. The net must be at least four feet wide and one foot deep in the middle. When a shuttlecock hits the net in the middle, it is considered a birdie, and if it hits the net within the boundaries of the court, it gets a point. Visit here me: thedolive  Touch here visit now: topwebs

Badminton uses a shuttlecock that is similar to a tennis ball. Its high speed and feathers create higher drag, causing the shuttlecock to decelerate more quickly. The shuttlecock can reach a top speed of up to 130 mph, which makes it the best weapon in badminton. While the shuttlecock is a relatively low-powered weapon, its top speed allows it to travel long distances in a matter of seconds.

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