6 Tips To Keep Your Home Roach-Free

Roaches can be nothing less than the harbinger of diseases in your home. Most people would love to have their homes be roach-free and if you are the same, no one can blame you. Before you go and call South Lyon cockroach control, you must try these 6 tips given below to keep your home free of cockroaches.

1. Try to Keep the Kitchen Sink Free of Dirty Dishes

The thing with roaches is that they love dirty dishes. They love the smell and taste of food left behind on dishes and glasses. That is more reason why you should make sure to never have dirty dishes in the kitchen sink for more than a few hours. It is best to clean them off as soon as possible and if that’s not possible, not to leave them for more than 24 hours. This way, the chances of the roaches not accumulating in your sink are high.

2. Get Rid of the Trash

It is a good idea to never miss trash day if you want your home to be free of cockroaches. They are certainly not good because they attract pests like roaches and more. So get rid of the trash as quickly as possible or call South Lyon cockroach control.

3. Try to Keep Floors Clean

We know you do your best but sometimes something as simple as keeping the floors clean can work wonders. If it is roaches you are worried about, try to keep the floors clean by sweeping away any food crumbs that fall. This will ensure that cockroaches don’t find food on your floors and they keep away.

4. Clean Your Dining Table

It is easy for the dining table to accumulate food particles and food crumbles if it is not cleaned regularly. While there is no problem in that, the pests do come hunting for their sustenance. So if you are trying to make your home cockroach free, then make sure to clear your dining table and give it a little dusting whenever possible. It is best to do this after every meal you have on time so that there is no reason for cockroaches to try to come on it for food.

5.Use Boric Acid

It is a great thing to use boric acid and people have been using it for many decades to get rid of pests like roaches in their homes. You can do it too. Just mix a pinch of it in the water you use for cleaning your kitchen and other surfaces.

6. Use Baking Soda

Another wonderful home remedy for cockroaches is baking soda. Use it in a combination with sugar and sprinkle it over the hideouts that roaches use in your home and property. The sugar acts as a temptation while the baking soda kills it.

If the above methods do not work, it is time to call in the big guns in the shape of a good pest control firm. They can get rid of the cockroaches as well as other pests from your home once and for all.

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